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Aaron Schneider, Jill H. and Avram A. Glazer Professor of Political Science, Tulane University. Professor Schneider conducts research in the area of public finance, democratic accountability, and political economy.

David Marcello, Adjunct Professor of Law and Executive Director, The Public Law Center - Professor Marcello has a long history of involvement with public interest advocacy and with administrative and legislative processes in Louisiana. 

Institutional Contacts:

Tulane University - Tulane University is the sponsor of the NOLA Satellite Government Initiative.

The Department of Political Science provided support to this project.

The Office of the Provost provided generous support for this project.

The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University - The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the rich culture and history of the Central Gulf South and provided direct support to this project through a Monroe Fellowship.

Murphy Institute - The Murphy Institute, which is a part of Tulane University, has provided direct funding for the NOLA Satellite Government Initiative. 

The Public Law Center - The Public Law Center (TPLC) has operated since January 1988 as a clinical legal education program, teaching courses in legislative process and administrative rule making to second and third year law students.

The Dean of the School of Liberal Arts  at Tulane University provided funding for the NOLA Satellite Government initiative

The Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching at Tulane University provided funding for the NOLA Satellite Government Initiative

City of New Orleans Website - For parties interested in finding out more about City Government, please visit the City of New Orleans website. 

The Greater New Orleans Foundation's "Transparency Project Fund" provided generous support for this project.

The New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance (NOCG) and the Open Society Foundation provided generous support for the satellite government database.


Bureau of Governmental Research  - Bureau of Governmental Research is a private, non-profit, independent research organization dedicated to informed public policy making and the effective use of public resources for the improvement of government in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana - The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana is an independent voice, offering solutions to critical public issues in Louisiana through accurate, objective research and focusing public attention on those solutions.

New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance - The New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance (NOCOG) seeks more open, responsive, and accountable government and governance by promoting community engagement in civic discussions and decisions, increasing access to public data and information, supporting media and communications that inform and equip stakeholders, and seeking beneficial public policy and structural developments.

Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana - The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana (JAC) is a start-up organization that seeks to tackle deficiencies in the post conviction phase of the criminal justice system while creating a supportive collaborative space for attorneys and advocates.


New Orleans Office of the Inspector General - The Mission of the Office of Inspector General is to prevent and detect fraud and abuse, and to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

New Orleans Ethics Review Board - The Ethics Review Board seeks to uphold and enforce high ethical standards and promote the public’s confidence in the City of New Orleans by overseeing a program of ethics education, issuing advisory opinions, promulgating rules regarding the interpretation and enforcement of the city's Code of Ethics, proposing revisions to that code, referring cases for investigation on referral or complaint, and imposing fines.

Louisiana Ethics Administration - The Louisiana Ethics Administration offers a wealth of information, including financial disclosure for public officials, campaign finance reports, lobbyist registration lists, outcomes of ethics investigations and hearings, and advisory opinions on the ethics of public affairs.

Louisiana Legislative Auditor - The Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s mission is to foster accountability and transparency in Louisiana government by providing the Legislature and others with audit services, fiscal advice, and other useful information.  Audits are contained in the web site and can be easily searched by choosing Audit Reports.

New Orleans Public Library – Louisiana Division, City Archives & Special Collections - The Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library is a reference division which collects resources relating to the study of Louisiana and its citizens and to the city of New Orleans and New Orleanians.  The Louisiana Division also houses the City Archives, the official repository for the records of New Orleans municipal government (1769-present).


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